Offering Passive Solar Design/Drafting for Solar Homes, Solar Additions (Sun Rooms & Solar Greenhouses), Small Commercial
Solar Buildings, and Solar Farm and Animal Structures

Bend Solar Homes & Remodeling is known for:

  • Committment to PROVEN Passive Solar Designs
  • Knowledge from academia and years as a building contractor doing specifically Passive Solar structures
  • Extensive experience in solar remodeling and solar greenhouse/sunroom additions
  • Honesty, integrity, and REASONABLE PRICES
  • Experience in the use of a variety of Alternative building materials (strawbale, adobe, concrete, stress skin panels, and others.
  • NABCEP (N. American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) PV Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge #E120809-11

Bend Solar Homes & Remodeling is MARK SCHUETTE.
I am an Building Designer and Computer Draftsman whose passion is effective Passive Solar Design for residential and small commercial structures.

 My formative experience and inspiration has come from my work with the New Mexico Solar Energy Association back in 1979 and '80.  This was THE non-profit group who was at the forfront of developing the science and practical application of Passive Solar Design for heating and cooling the structures we live and work in.  The organization was also the favorite educational conduit for the government (Dept. of Energy) funded Los Alamos Scientific Labratories' research and quantification of the science, since many of our board members were scientists employed there.  The Santa Fe area thus had the most Passive Solar Homes/Buildings of anywhere in the world at that time (and still may) and many were fitted with instrumentation to scientifically document the performance.  Thus I had the privledge of meeting, being educated by and working with many of the "founding fathers" of the science.  And of course recieved first hand experience in the effectiveness of the different Passive Solar techniques.  I spent most of my time running hands-on community construction workshops around the state actually building passive solar water heaters and Solar Greenhouses/Sunspaces as add-ons or remodeling to existing structures.  And often guided tours to the different examples of solar homes/structures in the area as well as developing educational programs and writing/researching articles for our publications.

  Then afterwards became a licensed building contractor doing strictly Passive Solar residences and small commercial buildings using a variety of materials and configurations  (adobe, conc. & conc. block and wood frame, earth bearmed, stepped up the slope homes, and others) all in the southwestern style.

  When I relocated to Bend, Oregon in 1990, I worked as a framer on production housing and then learned a computer drafting program.  I eventually began working for a local architect drafting NW stlye homes for several years.  Several quarters I taught a Passive Solar Design classes for adult education at Central Oregon Community College and thru that class offered tours to the well designed Passive Solar Homes in the area.

  I now work at home and am available for any project you may have that has the opportunity to take advantage of our high desert climate and good solar resource.
My prices are as affordable as you will find.

 WARNING: In the last few years i've noticed a competition between architects/designers/builders to project their image as the "most green" yet the result of their work is a conventional structure ignoring even the most fundamental principals of Passive Solar Design.  For the architectural masters the foundation of "green" design IS Passive Solar Design !  A "green" structure is NOT just adding a solar water heater and or photovoltaic panels on the roof of a conventional structure. 
To experience the benefits of a well designed Passive Solar Home (stable year-round temperatures around 70 degrees, natural sun lite living space, energy and cost savings, awareness of natural patterns lifestyle) you need to do a wholistic approach: starting with the potential of the lot, siteing and orientation of the structure, shape of the structure and floor plan, and the addition of strategically placed mass into the structure (masonry and or water containers) to hold heat (winter) and coolth (summer) thru the evening- depending upon the amount of south facing glass.
Form will NEED to follow function but can be done in a way that offers aesthetics also.

Two systems promoted locally to be wary of:
  1  Double Envelope Homes
  2  Hollow Core Slab Homes

You need to educate yourself on the science before trusting the "experts"! 

Contact me at
 or at 541-699-2509 - 30 yr. Bend Resident - 19134 Kiowa Rd.  Bend, OR. 97702
AND check out my hobby business website: for a new/fun type of alternative
green power.




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